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Mary Del Greco

She has a special skill set at asking pertinent questions that leads you to success. Beyond the real estate questions, Anna has a bigger vision and she supports you in growing your portfolio of assets. Whether you're completely new, or you are doing quite well, I am willing to bet that there is always something that you could be doing better. Sometimes all you need is an eye from the outside, and this is where Anna comes in. She WANTS you to succeed, she wants to see your results and she gets excited when she witnesses YOUR growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna!

Pietro Di Leo

“When I first started to work with Anna Mancuso in 2001, I thought I was hiring a business lawyer, but a quickly realized she encompasses much more! She has an uncanny ability to help entrepreneurs step into their powerful leadership roles. Anna Mancuso is my trusted adviser in real estate as well as other aspects of my professional life.”

Bouzid Laura

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience in the sale of our childhood home after the sudden and painful passing of our mother.
We, my brother and I made the decision reluctantly to sell the home. We met with Ms. Anna Mancuso and expressed how we felt. Ms. Mancuso listened to us and did her absolute best to proceed with the utmost respect, as well as limiting our involvement.
We were absolutely pleased when after barely 2 weeks we met to go over solid offers, which essentially was a bidding war on our childhood home. Ms. Mancuso sold lovingly and with enthusiasm.
It was quick, smooth, professional, easy and a price point in excess of what we expected.
Thank you